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Accessing The Grace in Transitions


Have you ever noticed the subtle shift that happens when you experience a major life change?  In our anxiety and excitement around change we are somehow more present and alive.  It may seem as if time slows and there is an expansive, magical sense of energy and possibility.  What if you could notice the more mundane transitions which happen every day, and learn to access the magic in them? There is a fertile void in the space between every inhale and exhale. Opening yourself to the magic in every moment involves recognition of the dynamics of change, daily births and deaths, and acknowledging your ability to take in and let go.

Join us to explore grace in all its forms. and identify tools to expand self love and self-care to manifest outwardly our inner soul life.  Through discussion, interactive exercises and meditation, we will examine the biology of presence and how trauma and the role of safety influence our ability to navigate transitions. We will explore how sharing intimately in larger life transitions of birth and death can empower us in self-healing and creating fulfillment. Read more here about the  The Magic of Grace and Exploring Transitions.


This program is offered in collaboration with  Shadybrook Organization, which creates vibrant communities by connecting spiritually, creatively, and through social change.  Please REGISTER HERE.


WHEN:  Wednesdays Feb 22, March 1 and 8    

              6pm-8pm EST

WHEN:  Zoom Link will be provided upon registration 

Investment:  Shadybrook Members $65. Nonmembers $75. Register HERE

Week 1: Exploring Grace?  Larger Life Transitions.  The biology of Presence and the role of Trauma.

               Dynamics of Change. Navigating  Grief and Gratitude.  Learning to Notice. Feeling our Way.  


Week 2:  Life and Death Everyday. Shared Birth and Death Experiences.  Accessing Stillness and The

                 Fertile Void of Creativity

Week 3:  Deepening Inner Awareness.  Accessing Heart Wisdom.  Identify Life Purpose and the role of Service

Week 3:  Deepening Inner Awareness.  Accessing Heart Wisdom.  Identify Life Purpose and the role of Service


Discerning Your Truth

Learning to HEAR and TRUST Your Inner Voice


“You DESERVE to take care of ‘YOU’, even in the midst of the chaos around you!”  Finding balance begins with recognizing that our inner life reflects the outer.  When we can learn to hear and trust our heart’s soft discerning inner voice, we begin to attend to our shadow, the unresolved inner ‘stuff’ which naturally arises when we slow ourselves and go within.   Clarity, understanding and learning to ‘be with our discomfort’ leads to resolve and clear choices in the outer life.  Join us to explore the art of discernment, to identify and know what is true for us, to collectively support the balance, healing and growth we all need.


Wednesday February 16, 23, March 2, 9.  6pm-8pm

                             WEEK 1:  February 16.   Understanding Discernment, the Soul’s Voice

                                                                                COMMITMENT to self and SELF.

                                                                                 Establishing a Framework for HEART/SOUL Living

                             WEEK 2:  February 23.  Intuition and Discernment.                                                                                                                                                      Sacred Space, Rituals, Self-Care Practices

                             WEEK 3:  March 2.           Tools to Develop Discernment:  Lucid Dreaming,

                                                                                Sound, Posturing. Meditation, Journeying, Imagery                                                     WEEK 4:  March 9.           Deepening Intuition and Discernment Practices. 

                                                                              Life Path/Direction/Purpose  


WHERE:   Classes held online via ZOOM



The link to each class will be emailed once payment is received.
                 The class begins the moment you register.  Your intention sets energies in motion which begin a transformational process which continues throughout the class


INVESTMENT:  $120    (EARLYBIRD Registration by February 8:  $100)

*If you need financial assistance, please ask!

                                                                Send your check payable to:

                                                                        David Hansen or SEVA
                                                                   38052 Euclid Ave., Suite 108
                                                                        Willoughby, OH  44094


                                                           OR   by credit card

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