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Building Resource

This past year has been one of tremendous change, both globally and on a personal level for everyone I know. Looking back at how you may have navigated through the stresses and the end of year celebrations of the holiday season, it's easy to see how we may be ready to begin something new.

Personally having experienced a number of extremely challenging holidays, I chose to use this wonderfully magical time to reframe those experiences. While aware of the past, I opened myself to see possibilities in the moment and transform painful memories into joyful experiences.

Our ability to adapt to change depends to some degree on the level of resources we have in our lives. This includes our support system of family and friends and community, and the degree to which we have access to our inner resource (our physical , emotional and spiritual health). It is an interesting dynamic as we consider that sometimes the support system (especially the family of origin) is also a source of stress. As you reflect on the past year and holiday season, how many of your interactions were stressful and how much support did you feel?

Much of my work with clients involves building resource, both outer and inner. Often this just means resolving physical pain and bringing greater awareness of the habits that have gotten us into and kept us in the discomfort. Sometimes it means the release of old, emotional energies that have been held in the tissues. Sometimes it opens an awareness of a belief that no longer serves us. Releasing these energies allows them to now be available as a resource for our day-to-day function and increases our ability to handle change. Releasing faulty perceptions allows us to more fully realize the support that is available.

Recognizing the blessings and strength of group experiences (community resource), I have begun growing my professional resource network. Collaborations with The Hildegarden and The Church of the Angels to offer experiential educational programs this past year have opened new avenues for community resourcing. Along that line, I am offering Foundations In Wellness, a program offering a broad base of wellness information and support experiences at The Hildegarden on Saturday January 27. In considering WELLNESS as an integration of body, mind and spirit, this comprehensive workshop covers a wide range of topics essential to understanding wellness as BALANCE. If this speaks to you and your goals for health in the new year, please join us.

As an outgrowth of networking, I am excited to have found someone to share my office space with whose work complements my own. Lindsey Sadowsky is a NET practitioner with a background in athletic training.  She has begun practicing out of my extra treatment room beginning this month. While I have incorporated therapeutic imagery, dialog and energetic/emotional release processes into my bodywork this year, Lindsey's NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) work involves muscle testing to access subconscious energetic restrictions in order to resolve biochemical, energetic, structural and emotional patterns held in the body. She will be offering introductory programs for anyone interested. You can find more info on Lindsey and NET at Toadal Positivity.  

Also new this month, I have opened my teaching space to practice sessions for Upledger-trained Craniosacral therapists interested in developing their skills. If you have completed at least CSI and would like to meet others and practice, please join Christina Drevenkar CST and the group on the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. The first session is Wednesday, January 17.

I have also begun working on a protocol based on Michael Morgans work (The BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription), to support Alzheimer and dementia patients and their caregivers, which will be integrated into teaching programs this year. Michael's work is inspiring. It's so exciting to find clear and concise scientific data to support new approaches to therapy and self-care for an aging population. Watch for details on specific programs.

As you confront the inevitable changes in your own life, may you find an abundance of resource, which is your own inner Health.

In Health,


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