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Can You BE With It?

September 1, 2021

So much of our day-to-day experience reflects the extremes of the challenging times we live in. In the last few weeks I have had multiple clients and friends express anxiety around the ‘uncertainty’ in their lives: uncertainty with weather, jobs/economy, politics/government, the pandemic, and the general state of the world.

Uncertainty is the vague distress of not feeling connected, not able to anchor to anything.

When the stability of the world outside us is unclear or not accessible, it reinforces the need to find the anchor within ourselves. There are many tools and practices to achieve this inner stability and find our road to health. Recently I was introduced to Tara Brock's work with meditation and the principles in her RAIN technique: (Recognizing, Allowing, Investigating (where in my body do I feel this?), and Nurturing (inviting the image/feeling of a loving presence or inner wisdom)). While very similar to some of the deep Biodynamic Session work I do clinically, RAIN offers a simple cognitive tool to access and practice deepening awareness of self.

The perception of instability in the world and the effect of living in this state of uncertainty triggers and magnifies all of our physical issues, and exemplifies the intimate relationship between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our willingness to 'BE WITH' the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty when we slow into the innate rhythms of the body allows for transformation into calm and inner peace where true discernment of the soul’s wisdom can occur.

DISCERNMENT embodies the principles of this RAIN technique and is key for us to not only identify our truth and understand our life but to finding direction and grounding into the stability of our SELF or soul. It allows the transition from rational thought to the intuition of the heart and access to the wisdom of the soul. It requires us to learn to shift our attention to a ‘bigger picture’, to alter our paradigm and recognize the unconscious beliefs and habits which lock us into feeling stuck in uncertainty.

Next month I will be offering a 4 week program exploring DISCERNMENT as the foundation for living as soul, living freely and joyfully and purposefully. Learning the skill of discernment reveals where we are in our journey of awakening to our life’s purpose. It demands a commitment to self and SELF, the development of ‘self care’ practices and learning to BE WITH what is, which allow life healing to occur in a progression we can both recognize and manage. We will explore how our conscious awareness of self/SELF has been restricted by the unconscious beliefs and distress stories our bodies hold as our symptoms of pain, illness and injuries.

We will explore the art of discernment, to able to identify and know what is true for us. We will develop rituals and self-care practices to access intuition and ‘soul awareness’ including using sacred space/ritual, sound and toning, meditation/imagery, lucid or conscious dreaming, journeying to access the wisdom of ‘other-dimensional reality, and other mental, emotional and physical tools to support awareness of the sacred and true in our lives.

This program is for anyone who is ready to commit to self-awareness and self-healing. Watch for further details.

May we all be guided by the wisdom of our Hearts and find support in our shared experiences



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