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Creating Sacred Space

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

August 15, 2020

Clients and Friends,

There will always be stress in our lives. The security and stability we look for outside ourselves is in some ways a myth. There has always been chaos, drama and trauma in the world. Because of our technologies, we are not only much more aware of what is happening in the larger world, we are also in distress because of the immediacy of the information and the stimulation of electronic devices we use to access that information. There is a seductive energy in the drama occurring outside us that pulls our attention outward, and it is only our response to our perceived experience that determines whether we suffer and how we manage our health issues. Our world is in a desperate place right now. By healing ourselves we become a major catalyst for changing the world. We all know how to heal ourselves. We've just forgotten how to do it. In his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton Ph.D. suggests we are not the product of our DNA. We, and the health of our bodies, are much more the product of our beliefs, which direct the ways we, through our thoughts and behavior, respond to our environment (stress). These beliefs have the ability to switch our genes on or off to create health or disease. Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, by Barbara Hoberman Levine, affirms this message. This includes the beliefs which have come through our ancestral DNA patterns as well as all those beliefs we unconsciously adopted from parents and authority figures as children. Margaret Ruby's pioneering work with repatterning DNA (The DNA of Healing) brings these unconscious childhood and ancestral patterns into conscious awareness to support healing. Because 90% of our daily behavior arises from unconscious thoughts / feelings / beliefs, and only 10% from our conscious mind, our challenge is to be open to what is unconscious - the beliefs we are not aware of. Personal Power Is Our Ability to Choose As an intuitive and an empath, I am acutely aware of the degree of anxiety I see and feel in those with whom I am in contact daily. I regularly see clients whose health issues are aggravated by their distress about the state of the world, their 401K or the latest conspiracy theory. The old adage that 'energy follows thought' and 'what you focus on expands' suggest that when we give our attention to fear we give away our power.  Creating Sacred Space The act of creating sacred space expands our capacity to choose which thoughts and feelings to give our attention to. Defining the sacred is to realize and feel our connection to our inner divinity. By slowing down and imagining the feeling ... of the spaciousness of the horizon at the ocean ... of the space around your heart... beating ... or the space in the pause between inhale and exhale ... we expand the room in which our thoughts can flow. With awareness we can choose love over fear. When we honor the integrity of our own inner authority, the wisdom of our heart, we are "living our best life," we are living as soul. When we learn to attune our energy through a subtle shift in our attention and redirect our thought rather than exert effort we realize that no force on this earth, no person, no virus, no substance has more power over us than the power of our own belief. Watch For These New Programs To support our growing awareness and healing, I will be continuing the series I began in January on "Living Your Best Life is to Live As Soul," this time as an online program using the zoom format and beginning in mid-September. Topics will include:

  • Creating Sacred Space 

  • Intuitional Mapping to Access the Soul's Wisdom Through the Brain AND the Heart

  • Learning to Understand and Heal the Ancestral Patterns of Our DNA

  • Healing our Relationship with Money and Healing Poverty (un)Consciousness.

___________________ Following the governor's "Responsible Restart Ohio" plan, I have opened my office and am now available for sessions using the following updated protocols found on my websiteIf you are not comfortable with rescheduling, please know that I fully support you and encourage you to reach a place of trust and confidence within yourself before you do.  For those who need additional personal support, I am continuing to offer individual phone/remote sessions. For more information, and to check out what other people are saying, please read about it here, and contact me to schedule an appointment. May we all be guided by the wisdom of our hearts and find support in our shared experience.




I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.  I honor that place in you of love, of light, of truth and of peace.  I honor that place in you, where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.

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