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Everyday Magic

Clients and Friends,

Most of us take large parts of our life for granted. Functioning on autopilot allows much that is routine to operate in the background so we can attend to the ‘doing’ of what is ‘important’. The doing then often distracts us from experiencing the small miracles in every moment.

The art of discernment teaches us PRESENCE, the ability to be fully present each moment to ‘what is’. This allows us to notice what lies below the surface of the mundane. Have you ever experienced a seeming coincidence that you’re sure was more? Have you had an encounter with an angelic presence or felt (or smelled or heard) a deceased loved one?

How did you know?

The art of discernment, beyond the mundane separating layers of right and wrong, opens us to intuitional experiences of powerful synchronicities, access to other-dimensional realms and possibilities our logical/rational minds cannot comprehend. There is peace in recognizing we are not alone.

This program is a rich exploration of the depth and mystery of YOU!

Discernment demands commitment to self and SELF and is the foundation for living freely and joyfully and purposefully. We will develop rituals and self-care practices to access intuition and ‘soul awareness’ of our life’s purpose, including using sacred space/ritual, sound and toning, meditation/imagery, lucid or conscious dreaming, journeying to access the wisdom of ‘other-dimensional' reality, and other tools to support awareness of the sacred and true in our lives.

This program is for everyone challenged with personal upheaval or just challenged with the stresses of the chaos around us and is ready to go deeper and commit to self-awareness and self-healing.

I hope you can join me in February for Discerning Your Truth: Learning to Hear and Trust Your Inner Voice.

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