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Exploring Transitions

Updated: Jan 11

The greatest adventures and challenges do not lie before you, they lie within’. As

ateenager, these words inspired me to begin exploring consciousness, spirituality and the relationship between the mind, emotions and the body. Several years ago I taught a number of programs about ‘living your best life was to live as a soul’, to live from within. When Anita Moorjani recounted her near death experience (NDE) and miraculous recovery from stage 4 cancer in Dying To Be Me, she said “There is a universe within us as vast and beautiful as the one outside us”, and she related how the experience led her to live from the ‘inside out’ rather than framing her new life on external perceptions.

We all live our lives reacting to the constant flux of outer circumstances. What if I could find a place of peace within myself and respond to and be with the uncertainty and ambiguity of outer life from there? Many who have had near-death experiences have reported similar inner ‘universes’, the heaven within. Accessing this inner space through self-reflection opens us to questioning the paradigm in which we live and evolves our sensibility of self. Deepening our inner awareness challenges us to recognize and accept the continuity of life where every moment can be seen as a transition to the next. Am I present to this moment with enough self-awareness to respond, or am I simply reacting to life? Living your life on purpose is to be deliberate in every action (Pause/reflect/choose).

Life transitions or any experience of change may leave us feeling ungrounded or untethered. A friend recently described her experience of moving as ‘feeling surreal’. I have often described my shared end-of-life and birth experiences this way. In his recent book, At Heavens Door, William Peters describes the phenomenon and commonality of shared death experiences where one ‘shares’ in the experience of another’s dying. Whether our experience is surreal or not, this moment, this ‘now’ is the only time we have.

In our culture we collectively create rituals to celebrate our Rites of Passage from one stage of life to the next. What if I could find that ‘fertile void’ within myself ‘where grace enters’ for all life transitions, even the smallest ones? This is possible when we are present to all our feelings and develop the ability to shift from grief to gratitude, from anger to joy and from fear to love. By creating our own personal rituals to be mindful and honor the significant ‘nows’ of our own daily transitions, we expand our capacity for experiencing the ‘magic of grace’. By acknowledging and allowing ourselves to fully feel surreal or ‘untethered’, we might find the spaceousnesss of peace within. Perhaps inner awareness, or grace can then have a greater presence in our day-to-day and empower us to be conscious creators of our lives.

Next month, I will be offering a new online program through Shadybrook exploring the gifts inherent in life transitions, and in the small moments. We will access the fertile void of creativity and navigate the transitions where grace enters. Accessing The Grace in Transitions will explore the dynamics of change, find the grace in life and death everyday moments, and create rituals to navigate daily change. Watch for details.

While I have not yet returned to live Community Settling sessions, you can access past sessions here.

One of the ways to create a framework for your inner journey is to expand awareness of your history. DNA Repatterning is a tool I offer to support this. It is extremely helpful in identifying and clearing old patterns that keep us stuck with physical and emotional wounds. Clearing allows us to create a new story and begin to manifest healing or open to a new life direction.

May we all be guided by the wisdom of our heart and find support in our shared experiences.



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