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Imagine Hope

Spring 2022

Clients and Friends,

In the current local and global upheaval, how do you deal with your personal stress? How do we cope collectively when everywhere around us there is division and disagreement? There will probably always be some degree of distress or chaos outside our personal sense of self. Do you have an inner anchor to support you? Where do we find hope for resolve, for our personal overwhelm and the world at large.

Rebecca Solnit writes in Hope in the Dark. “… hope locates itself in the premise that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act.” In John Lennin’s 1971 song, we are invited to IMAGINE ‘there’s no countries…. no possessions…no need for greed and hunger’, ‘ IMAGINE All the people living life peace…sharing all the world…’

It seems we need the power of the imagination to be able to enter that spaciousness, to be able to shift from our feelings of overwhelm, despair, hopelessness and depression by accepting the uncertainty of ‘what is’ to access the inner resource of hope. In my recent program on discerning your truth we explored the possibility that ‘thoughts are things’ and ‘energy follows thought’. This concept invites the power of our thoughts, of imaging (imagining) and coupling it with the potent energy of emotion (or feeling as if you already have it) to create your dream, to realize your HOPE as reality, even if your hope is simply to resolve the personal issue before you.

If personal power is simply our ability to choose and response-ability is our ability to respond to our circumstances… our ability must arise from a conscious awareness of self and a discernment of our inner authority. Being willing to sit in uncertainty is a gift I give myself when I slow into the spaciousness of my breath and body awareness and witness discomforts which arise. Then the simple acceptance of ‘what is’ becomes my anchor from which I choose and respond to life.

My free weekly Community Settling Sessions support this process and are available here. Please consider joining us each Friday for the live Community Settling experience by registering here., You will then receive instructions on how to join the session.

One of the ways to create a framework for your inner journey is to expand awareness of your history. DNA Repatterning is a tool I offer to support this. It is extremely helpful in identifying and clearing old patterns that keep us stuck with physical and emotional wounds. Clearing allows us to create a new story and begin to manifest healing or open to a new life direction.

Also available to support your self-care and inner awareness is a new program led by my colleague Lindsey Sadowski. Raising Your Vibration from the Power Within is designed for those who are looking to deepen their connection to self and create a positive change within. This program will be offered at United Way of Lake County on May 20 from 6:30-8. You can register here.

May we all be guided by the wisdom of our hearts and find support in our shared experience.



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