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Clients and Friends,

Conversat ion is a primary mode of communication. It seems fairly straight-forward and most often it is automatic. In my life it was not always so. In overcoming my own awkwardness and childhood shyness, and as a therapist having worked with clients on the autism spectrum and observed the challenge that many face in communication, I have come to understand dialog as an art which invites practice. The habit of reacting (rather than responding) which I observe in myself and others in conversation may lead to miscommunication and conflict. I often hear this joke in my head as I ponder whether I’ve ‘heard correctly’: “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant” J. While circumstance often dictates that a conversation be a simple exchange of information, bringing intuitive listening skills allows for richer relationship and leads to intentional authentic dialog. Learning to articulate thoughts meaningfully requires presence and some degree of self-awareness.

Engaging my heart (and not just my head) in a conversation activates a huge additional neurological component. The heart and its neural network to the brain have been named the ‘social nervous system’ because of its significant role in humans being inherently relational. Our social and conversational skills arise from a healthy heart-brain connection. Current brain research (HeartMath) confirms that the heart has over 40,000 brain cells. Studies in fetal development suggest that the heart is the primary brain because it develops first. When we speak from our hearts in dialog, we activate a broader yet more focused awareness. We become more capable of expressing our authentic self, what I call ‘soul’.

Recognizing that our authentic ‘self’ reflects an inner Wisdom which directs the cells and tissues of our bodies is to understand that every cell has consciousness. What would happen if we engage this consciousness directly in dialog, i.e. can we be in relationship with the Inner Wisdom within the structure of the body? What if we could integrate our intuitive body awareness with a simple dialoguing protocol to support self-healing and manifestation? Think of combining prayer with gestalt and self-hypnosis. If we consider that this Wisdom has purposefully held our ‘histories’ in our tissues as health or symptoms of illness, dialoguing with this “Presence” supports infinite possibilities for change. While talking to one’s self may be frowned upon, I find it profoundly supportive and validating to engage my own inner wisdom as it expresses through my heart, immune system, digestion, brain and the various tissues of my body, especially when I am in discomfort. By incorporating more of my ongoing training in therapeutic imagery and dialog into my work with clients, I have noticed richer and more profound shifts to support real meaningful change. I am excited to be offering programs this month to share this process.

This week, Sunday October 29 I will be speaking on “ HOW DO YOU HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD?” at the The Church of the Angels in Chesterland which will explore how God’s voice, our Inner Wisdom expresses itself in the structure of our body. In later November, Saturday November 18, I will offer a program on THE ART OF SELF-TALK: LEARNING TO DIALOG WITH GOD to articulate and develop this dialoging process for each of us to experience greater SELF-awareness, healing and manifestation in our lives.

As we experience the cycle of the seasons, may we deepen into relationship with our inner cycle and the wisdom it expresses and so come to know our Self as love.

In Health,


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