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Walking Between Worlds

December 15 2021

Clients and Friends,

Do you remember the feeling of waking from a powerful dream? The feeling and fuzzy imagery is hanging on you as you try to attend to your day. DISCERNMENT allows us to live with awareness of both subtle intangibles and the concrete world and becomes a practice in balance. A similar opportunity occurs when we engage with others with whom we disagree. How do we navigate the conflicting feelings when a family member or friend expresses an opposing point of view? Achieving a point of balance within ourselves occurs when we realize we are activated, anxious or angry and choose to not react from unconscious emotional patterns and beliefs. One of my early teachers called it PRC (Pause…Reflect…Choose…with the Pause being the challenge).

It is an outgrowth of self awareness and self-care practices and the ability (requiring practice) to shift to a larger perspective.

We have explored this concept in earlier classes on living as a ‘soul’. When we can shift our perspective and see the world and our friend through the eyes of soul, we are more open to accepting her opposing point of view because our paradigm is larger. Treading the fine line of duality we can listen and share and attempt to see another’s point of view and “walk in our neighbor’s shoes”. This allows both views to be legitimate. The courage and effort required are rewarded in the realization that there is ALWAYS a larger picture and from the perspective of soul we are never alone. We can choose to shift from our conflicting feelings to peace.

Recognizing how you respond to conflict is the first step to finding balance.

In a larger context this is called ‘walking between worlds’ and embodies empathy to the feelings of others and sensitivity to the unseen energetic worlds. Think again about waking from a dream. The practice of living day to day with an awareness of both allows us to more easily register the uncomfortable emotion arising from conflict. The art of DISCERNMENT is the basis for living on this edge of duality, for living as a soul with awareness of both sides of conflict, and learning to live freely and joyfully and purposefully.

My program exploring DISCERNMENT (postponed until February) is the foundation for soul living, i.e. living freely and joyfully and purposefully. Learning the skill of discernment reveals where we are in our journey of awakening to our life’s purpose. It demands a commitment to self and SELF, the development of ‘self care’ practices and learning to BE WITH what is, which allows life healing to occur in a progression we can both recognize and manage. We will explore how our conscious awareness of self/SELF has been restricted by the unconscious beliefs and distress stories our bodies hold as our symptoms of pain, illness and injuries.

We will explore the art of discernment, to identify and know what is true for us. We will develop rituals and self-care practices to access intuition and ‘soul awareness’ including using sacred space/ritual, sound and

toning, meditation/imagery, lucid or conscious dreaming, shamanic journeying, and other mental, emotional and physical tools to support awareness of the sacred and true in our lives.

This program is for anyone who is ready to commit to self-awareness and self-healing. Watch for further details.

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