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What Happens Next?

April 27. 2020

Clients and Friends,

I am reaching out to connect with you to offer some reflections and support in this unique moment in time.  As we pause and consider the many changes in all of our lives the past 6 weeks, I am feeling grateful for the opportunity for self-reflection.  After initially  feeling lost in the absence of my routine and disconnected from clients, I have come to appreciate this time to confront my fears about the future and open myself to new healing and life lessons. What will my or any of our businesses or jobs look like?  How will family and social experiences change?  What happens next? In working with people in pain over the years, I've often said that we resist change until we are confronted with a crisis, or the pain becomes too great. (I can attest to my own resistance to change. I know I have many built-in distractions/addictions to help me avoid paying attention to what would move me from pain to healing.) How are we spending these precious moments of time?  My wonderful wife's insight that "God has hit the reset button" brings a deeper pause ... and what happens next? Thinking about the current world situation, the reality of our interdependence has become clear. When might we ever have thought about the other types of 'first-responders'? Even though we may not have a personal relationship with them, the grocery store workers stocking shelves, janitorial workers disinfecting them, all those working in any job in the supply chains that bring to market the things we need and use every day, government leaders making decisions about whether or not to reopen economies while weighing the risk of further spread of infection -- these are all people essential to or who have some degree of impact on our lives. Physics now tells us that every time a butterfly flaps its wings it affects change on the other side of the world. If that is true, how much more potent are our thoughts and actions in effecting change? How will we be the change we want to see in the world? So what comes next? Some of you have contacted me about plans to reopen my office.  While I have pondered how best to do this, I am mindful of the unknowns and the risks to all of us and by extension to our families. While I would feel better with universal testing, I will continue to follow the governor's guidelines. When it is possible to reopen, there will be some changes in protocol and scheduling to minimize risk. I will be contacting you as these changes unfold. Although I haven't connected personally with each of you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find some level of peace within yourself and in our collective understanding that "we truly are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER."



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