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What Is True for You?

Clients and Friends, While a new year invites reflection on the future and possibilities, most of us are still experiencing some inertia and heaviness from the chaos surrounding the pandemic and major political and social upheaval. From a larger lens, the seeming chaos has supported clearer perspective - a questioning and redefining of our values and opportunities for growth. Even as we social distance, in many ways we are closer, and more likely to notice the needs of others, to reach out to offer support or to ask for help. As we contemplate how to move forward into this new time, I consider what is true for me. How do I know my truth? Am I clearer about what is important to me? How do I navigate the challenges of my life? A number of people have asked how I felt about the vaccine, the pandemic and the apprehension surrounding the current challenges of the medical system. Having taught microbiology for six years and worked in research, I understand the nuances and biases of science. With the sheer volume of information available it is easy to be confused and conflicted about what is right or true. It’s like asking whether I should take a nutritional supplement because the infomercial persuasively said “everyone needs this” or the benefits are really helpful for my symptoms. When information is contradictory, what can I trust? I believe each of us has a truth indicator that has nothing to do with outer information. I defer to the greater knowing which comes from within. While all information available to me is valuable, I have learned to not attach, but to just register it and let it rest in the background. Learning to listen to the wisdom of my body and heart in alignment with my soul allows me to trust what is right for me and clarifies the confusion coming from outside. Tuning out all the static from outer information clarifies both issues and choices. The question then is how to do this? The practice of alignment and the ability to discern personal truth is something I have been teaching for a number of years. While there are ‘techniques’ to discern personal truth, in its most basic form it involves the ability to shift attention. With practice it opens possibilities for deep and potent inner change and healing. The healing of any physical, emotional or mental illness depends on the intention, and willingness or ‘presence’ of the patient and the degree of ‘presence’ of any support person or medical practitioner. This is the essence of all indigenous medicine and many holistic healing practices. I have had friends with cancer confronting the difficult choice of whether to accept the medical treatment or search for a more ‘holistic’ one. I have witnessed different friends make very different choices based on their own unique ‘truth indicator'. Neither was wrong. Each one’s choice presented them with a unique journey of healing. The outer healing journey then reflected a journey inward and a willingness to confront sometimes uncomfortable history. In the coming months my colleague Lindsey Sadowski and I will be offering a unique program exploring the experience of an inner journey embracing the medicine traditions from numerous indigenous and traditional cultures. Watch for details!

One of the ways to begin the inner journey is to expand awareness of the ‘story’. DNA Re-patterning is a tool I offer to support this. Clients have found it to be extremely helpful in identifying and clearing old patterns which have kept them stuck in physical and emotional wounds. Clearing allows us to create a new story and begin to manifest healing or open to a new life direction. Read more here or call to schedule a session.

If you need a break from the outer events of life and all that is happening during this unique time, please consider joining us each Friday for a free Community Settling Experience. Please register here (via email) and you will receive instructions on how to join the session. If you are unable to join personally, consider listening to the Settling sessions posted in the self-help section of my website as a way to support your own self-healing. May we all be guided by the wisdom of our hearts and find support in our shared experience. Namaste, David

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