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SEVA means selfless service...



The mission of SEVA is to empower SELF-AWARENESS through EXPERIENTIAL learning, healing and wellness.  Selflessness is an attitude of neutrality which allows sacred space to emerge in support of healing. 

My work in essence is Spiritual and  is grounded in the relationships between energetic and physical anatomy and informed by the mysticism and consciousness practices of eastern and western wisdom traditions, and native  shamanic medicine practices.

Inherent within each of us is the perfect pattern of health, the dynamic breath of the soul, wanting only to be acknowledged, encouraged and supported in it's expression. In dynamic stillness we can come together to remember who we are as souls having a physical experience.  My work is to facilitate your healing experience by accessing soul or HEALTH and releasing any blocks to your awareness of Love's presence, supporting the release of symptoms and the harmonizing and balancing of your physical, emotional and spiritual life experience.



In addition to in-office sessions, I am currently offering remote/phone sessions.  To learn more and read what others are saying go to Healing/Wellness Sessions page.

In addition I offer free weekly Communitiy Settling sessions each Friday at 1:30 EST. Contact me for links to join live.  Sessions are recorded and available here.

Our bodies are our closest companions. Consciously inhabiting them is our most efficient path to greater health, ease, and joy. Through truly living in our bodies —considering and consulting their deep intelligence— we can create a healthier, more peaceful and joyful world.


Thank you so much for joining me. My work encompasses all of my skills, passions and gifts and I am excited to share these with you!

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Discover CRANIOSACRAL Therapy

Cra•ni•o•Sa•cral Ther•a•py uses gentle touch and imagery to relieve tension and pain while helping you develop a self-awareness of your body. It is an alternative medical practice that addresses specific conditions and improves overall health.



‘No Show’ or ‘Missed Appointments’ Fee: 


(‘No Show' is any appointment not cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled session)

1 Hour Session:

$100 paid in office cash or check

(with medical referral)

$107 paid in office cash or check

(without medical referral)

includes Ohio sales tax




PURCHASE Class Recordings:  Living Your Best Life is to Live as Soul '2'     $25  

includes handouts

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